2012: New Year’s Eve Review

partial 2012 calendar2012 is almost over. We survived the Mayan apocalypse and deserve to take it easy this evening. Make the most of those last few hours. However, whatever your opinion of this year, one thing is for sure: the last few hours aren’t likely to change it too much. Some of us look back on 2012 fondly, while others (maybe you) can’t get it in the real view mirror quickly enough.

Whatever your opinion of 2012 (and it’s likely mixed), one thing is very important from the perspective of popularity and success: you have to learn from it. They say those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Well, that applies just as much to individuals. If you ignore your own past, there’s no way to move beyond it.

The first thing to do is list your 2012 accomplishments. Where did you succeed? What were the year’s highlights? Once you write these positive examples down, then look at your personality traits and general attitude. People with positive accomplishments have successful attitudes that are the foundation for that success.

Resolve to strengthen your positive personality traits in the new year. Also vow to have similar (or even greater) positive accomplishments. Build on your 2012 successes for 2013.

Next, you need to examine the negatives from the previous year. What did you do that didn’t quite work out? Maybe the correct phrase is “dismal failure.” Whatever your issues, be honest with yourself. Like with your accomplishments, look at the personality traits behind your failures. Make note of those.

In 2013, don’t let those traits define you. In fact, try to eliminate those negative ways of thinking from your life. It’s not easy at times, but you don’t want to continue to go down a negative path for longer than you have to.

So, as you enjoy the last few hours of 2012, take an inventory of the year. It will help make 2013 your best, most confident and most popular year yet!

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