Six Gifts For That “Hard To Buy For” Health and Fitness Nut

Hand holding roasted peanutsI am one of “those people,” I know. I stick pretty close to a health lifestyle, to the point that my co-workers laugh at my lunch choices.

“Kale again? Or mashed cauliflower?” One is fond of saying. Truthfully, I am proud of my “weirdness” about health, eating, and fitness. If it is weird of my to care about what I eat, the amount of activity I get, etc, then I am proudly weird. I like the way I look and feel, and if that means passing on the high-calorie and high-carb food everyone else is eating, then so be it.

So, if you have a health and fitness nut you want to buy things for, here are some gift suggestions, because that plate of cookies or bar of fruitcake just won’t cut it, although a thick bar of fruitcake might replace a dumbbell in a pinch.

Even if you aren’t a health nut, asking for healthy and fit Christmas gifts can be a good way to counter the generally unhealthy behavior you might be tempted to overdo at Christmas. Let’s just say I have eaten way too  many cookies in the last few weeks (why do people always give teachers cookies as gifts? Damn they taste too good!!)

Here is a great list of  gifts. You won’t find some of the crazier gifts, like Live Cell therapy derived from goat’s blood (perhaps a gift certificate to a Tijuana clinic that does that  might be in order) or Laetrile here. but you will find some good ones.

1. Insanity Max:30, Insanity, or Asylum

I don’t care for workout DVDs. I would much rather be running outside, enjoying nature. However, there is a little thing called “winter” that gets in the way. So, I decided to actually try Insanity at the suggestion of my brother. I loved it, and now I have bought nearly every follow-up program, and use them regularly. If the fitness nut in your life needs an extra challenge, then get him one of these programs. If he isn’t too sore, he’ll hug you and thank you the next day.

Christmas bulbs on a tree2. PQQ

Most health nuts like to think they act and  look younger than everybody else. For me it is absolutely true. For everybody else, well, that is another story. What if there were a substance that could re-energize your mitochondria deep in your cells, which just may be a kind of cellular “fountain of youth?” Well, PQQ, aka Pyrroloquinoline quinone (chemically related to Co-Enzyme Q10) seems to be able to do just that.

3. Push-Up Units and Chin-Up Bar

Some fitness buffs have entire home gyms costing hundreds of dollars. With these two tools, he can ditch all those expensive tools. Well, he might disagree with that reasoning, but honestly, these two units will work out the back, arms, and upper body in a way that is cheap and easy.

4. A Pair of New Balance Running Shoes

I am not a New Balance spokesman, but as a running shoe, they have held up so well from my wear and tear that I only buy them to run in, and by “wear and tear” I mean 15-25 miles a week, sometimes on trails. I still have a pair from three years ago I will use occasionally if I misplaced my newer pair (which is holding up just as well).

5. Kale Seeds

Kale really is a super-food (of sorts). I am not much into the label “super food,” since most foods wouldn’t rescue me if I were trapped in a burning house, but Kale is one of the richest sources of Lutein and other antioxidants, and is low in calories. It also is low in oxalic acid, which can cause kidney stones. Other greens, like Spinach, have a lot of this acid. Over the summer, I would go to my garden and pick Kale leaves, and go inside and juice them. If you want that same experience, check out these Kale seeds.

6. A Blue Light

The winter can get a little tough, partially because sunlight isn’t hitting our eyes like it does in brighter months. When this bright light hits your eyes, it signals your brain to produce serotonin, which makes you happy. This December has been crazy cloudy in Ohio, so I broke out my trusty Blue Light. The eerie blue glow is supposed to make me happier, and it usually does, although I just happen to be sipping coffee while I sit by the blue light, so it is a toss-up which is actually making me the happiest.

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