A Literal T-Shirt Makes You More Attractive

Engraved letter tAn interesting study has just been published showing that by wearing a big “T” across your shirt, a guy can become 10% more attractive. It is not that women are somehow attracted to letters, but rather, it makes a guy’s chest to waste ratio seem closer to the “ideal shape,” i.e. bigger chest to waist.  The inverted “T” had the opposite effect, making the waist seem bigger in comparison to the chest, i.e. fooling a woman into thinking the guy had a beer gut (or even bigger one than before).

I am not sure how to practically apply this, save drawing a “T” on your shirt, or perhaps suddenly becoming a Tennessee Volunteers fan and wearing their logo around on your shirt.

One lesson is that guys need to lose that beer gut. Women prefer guys with a bigger chest to waist ratio (picture an in shape guy with six pack abs). Your weak pecs and shoulder muscles combined with a gut is making you less attractive.

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