Alpha Male Role Models

general Dwight Eisenhower

An alpha male

I heard it a lot as a kid: boys and girls need good role models. Today, that wisdom is just as important, if not more so. However, it’s not just children who need role models.

Adult guys don’t suddenly get it all figured out when they hit the age of eighteen. Or even the age of thirty, forty, or fifty.

A lot of guys today are socially clueless. Some of it does come from a lack of good role models. If a child only learns from a single mother and doesn’t have a strong man in his life, then he’s not likely to get some of the passive wisdom a boy learns from a father or father figure.

This includes how to deal with women, make friends with other guys, stand up for himself, and other ways of being a man.

However, there are a lot of great role models out there. These are guys we can look to as models in business leadership, social success, and even for advice in how to date women. There are lots of guys who struggle with confidence and success. There are other guys who master them. But, the traits needed to be dominant in the social scene aren’t usually taught in schools.

We are going to look at alpha male role models throughout history and today. We’re not talking about aggressive blowhards. Those aren’t the real alpha males. We’re talking about the true leaders of men and women. They inspire others and change history.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll have our first article on an alpha male role model. Learn from the wisdom of these men and become an even greater man yourself. Check back to this category for examples.

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