Alpha Males and the Fourth of July

hanging US flagWhen I was younger I remember attending a patriotic rally related to July 4th. Lots of people were waving American flags and singing songs about the United States. I remember, even then, thinking it was a little over the top, especially since most of them contributed very little to the welfare of the United States other than gestures of patriotism.

In college I saw the exact opposite. I witnessed lots of self-loathing Americans. Although they enjoyed the freedom and wealth of the United States they constantly bashed and criticized their own country. Many of them even expressed anger that they had to live in such a horrible country (that nonetheless provided them the opportunity to live like near royalty).

As the fourth of July approaches, I wanted to say a few words about how an alpha male should relate to his country because I don’t think he would do so in any of the previously mentioned ways.

An alpha male would, I believe, absolutely reject smarmy patriotism as over the top. While an alpha male could love his country, a true alpha would ever uncritically worship any institution. A leader wouldn’t be waving the flags, but he might be the one speaking at such an event, rallying the people, or even selling the flags.

Also, hating one’s own country isn’t a very alpha male trait. Benefiting from the freedom and generosity of a nation, then whining about it is actually a very beta male attribute. It smacks of a lack of gratitude and a general insecurity. Alpha males are able to transcend the problems of an institution and work to correct them, not whine about being a victim all the time.

So, how should an alpha male approach the fourth of July and his country in general? While this may not be universal, here is how my alpha male friends and I tend to see things.

First, I believe an alpha male is grateful for his country, but always working to change it for the better. Alphas are leaders. They should never want to follow a country down a wrong path. So, they’re reasonably critical of the government and assertive about moving it in a better direction. This includes taking action when needed.

However, alphas are also providers and protectors. They’re not going to hate the place where they live and wish the destruction and downfall of its citizens. It’d be like a man hating his wife and kids. No real man should nurture those feelings even if his family is dysfunctional. Rather, an alpha would seek change and lead the way (for family, country, etc.), but never in a way that morphs into a whiny, bitter hatred.

Second, alpha males, being naturally more independent, will typically want more freedom to pursue their own goals. An alpha male doesn’t need the government (or any institution like organized religion, corporations, etc.) to step in and tell him what to do. In fact, it’s anathema to most strong minded guys. We want the freedom to pursue our own paths, whether it’s success or taking our lumps (and learning from our mistakes).

Finally, I believe alpha males need to be in a mutually beneficial relationship with the government to truly feel invested. We need to be in positions of leadership as well as receive benefits from the country. This makes sure that self-interest aligns with national interest. It doesn’t sound as noble as the language of sacrifice, but it’s the reality of the human animal.

But, remember, this relationship is mutually beneficial, not parasitic. It’s not alpha to sit around and collect welfare (beyond certain measures to help in times of crisis perhaps). What I mean is that alpha males need to be invested in the nation so that the success of the nation also makes them successful (and vice verse).

An example would be how an alpha male works to build up stable government (by taking leadership roles) so that his business thrives. Then, his thriving business ensures stable government. It’s mutually beneficial and national and self interest align.

This article should give some insight into alpha males and the fourth of July. With that said, have a great Fourth of July! Celebrate freedom and work for change. And, have a great party.

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