Are Looks Essential For Being Popular?

Adele Singing

By Karen Blue

Are you balding? A little overweight? Short? Feel free to add any other ways you’re “physically challenged” now. Now that you’re feeling a little down, let me ask this question: “when it comes to popularity, are looks essential?”

If you said “yes,” then you’re wrong. If you said “no,” you get a gold star. How do I know looks are not essential for being popular? I actually have several answers: Roseanne Barr, Jack Black, Adele (pictured), John Candy, Chris Farley. Do I need to list more? All of these people are (or were) famous, beloved celebrities who found popularity without being “Hollywood” beautiful.

Being popular and successful ultimately is more about personality and talent than how you look. However, looks can certainly help you in your quest for popularity. In fact, numerous studies show that better looking people make more money, receive more promotions, and are generally more successful.

So, that means that looks are not essential for being popular. However, they certainly will help you. If you’re funny, talented, and charming, then you can still be popular. If you’re funny, talented, charming, and good looking, then you’ll likely be even more popular.

Don’t get depressed again. Even if nature has dealt you some negatives in the looks department, you can still find ways to look your best at all times. And, the good news is that here at The Popular Man, we will provide you tips to do just that! Stay tuned!

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