Are There Human Alpha And Beta Males?

greek alpha lettersWhile a lot of what we say on this blog is somewhat counter-intuitive (e.g. teasing women to get them to like you), rarely do we see the level of anger and denial from readers when discussing the existence of alpha, beta, and omega males.

Typically, a lot of the fury about the very existence of these categories comes from guys who fall into the beta or omega side of the hierarchy. So, I thought it would be helpful to write an article addressing the important question: do alpha and beta males (and omegas) exist, at least among humans?

Do Alpha and Beta Males Exist?

In many animal species, the answer to this question is a definite “yes.” However, the interaction between alpha and beta males, as well as their role within the animal community, differs by species.

In general, however, the alpha males are the “leaders” among the animals. They typically get first access to food and even mating. In fact, in some species, the alpha males are the only males that get to mate.

Beta males are usually lesser males in terms of both access to food and reproduction. They receive “leftovers” in both areas and sometimes none at all.

In most cases, achieving alpha status requires physical confrontation, with the winner taking his place at the top of the pecking order.

Are There Human Alphas and Betas?

This is where the question gets a little more hairy. Humans are animals as anygreek beta letters third grader can likely tell you. However, having been taught to think everyone is equal and special, many people think that we have evolved beyond certain programmed behaviors. Certainly, many people don’t think human men can be considered alpha or beta in the true sense.

But, our primate relatives have clear examples of alpha males and beta males in their ranks. For example, alphas act differently, receive deference from betas, and are greatly preferred for mating.

To think that humans completely lost this distinction in our communities is quite a stretch.

Human Alpha Males

Society clearly has guys who are dominant in its ranks. These would be the premier athletes, musicians, CEO’s, and politicians. They are the leaders of society, whether intentional or de facto. These human alpha males receive, you guessed it, deference, status, and nearly unlimited reproductive options (e.g. JFK and Wilt Chamberlain).

We can even see this on a more localized level. Look at the respect, deference, and sexual attention that bosses, teachers, and other males in positions of power receive from beta males and females. The stereotype of the student-teacher crush or boss-secretary affair didn’t come from thin air.

Here’s a great National Geographic episode of “Going Ape” about human alpha males.

Human Beta Males

Societies also have guys who are submissive followers. They defer to more powerful men, whether directly or passively. They might have good traits, but they’re not taking the world by storm. They could work decent jobs, but they lack the status, deference, and access to sex that other more dominant guys have.

This typical “nice guy” has a few things going for him, but he would never be trusted to lead and protect the species in a time of danger. He might be smart enough, but he doesn’t project that he’s up for the difficulty of the job.

Human beta males often get less premier jobs at work, have less status and money, and experience difficulty attracting women. Some betas don’t get any women at all.

So, while we might not have clear cut alpha/beta (and even omega) distinctions like animals, the general traits of alphas and betas still apply to human males. Whether a guy likes the terms and all of the preconceptions associated with them is irrelevant.

Thus, do alpha and beta males exist in humans? The answer certainly looks like a “yes” although humans are obviously a bit more difficult to pin down and label. But, the existence of nuance doesn’t mean we can’t apply any of these labels at all.

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  1. Truth hurts..but nothing could be more true than this article…wish I had realized these concepts twenty years life would be a joy and not the misery it is currently.

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    I am absolutely with you. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how there are some real difficulties that come with an alpha male worldview. This is especially true when a guy is older and his previous choices were made from a beta perspective.

  3. Lol it’s not a question about if they exist. Your descriptions as just way off. We can tell you are someone who either wants to be an Alpha or is an Alpha. Not all traits of an Alpha are necessarily positive, but I can tell by the way you write your articles that you want to feel like you are better than the next guy. The truth does hurt as somebody else pointed out however you cover the truth up with false descriptions. Smh.

    • UnapologeticallyAlpha says:

      This coming from an omega male. Alpha makes dominate because the characteristics they possess are what society demands. If they weren’t, those characteristics wouldn’t be found in the alpha males. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. The world isn’t fair.

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