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Do you ever notice that you typically attract a lot of negativity, drama, and failure in your life? Is it always someone else’s fault? While a lot of factors are outside of our control (like a hurricane or a car breaking down), in many ways, what we attract into our lives is the result of one person: ourselves. This is similar to what some people call the “law of attraction.”

I worked with a woman who was relentlessly negative. She was always trying to catch people in “gotcha” type situations and brought everyone down. When she made some unpopular decisions, almost the entire organization, staff and customer, turned on her. She was shocked at such a response! She couldn’t understand why so many people would dislike her. I don’t know if she realized it was because of her attitude.

Right now, you may need to look at your life and do a small personal inventory. One helpful method is to draw two columns on a sheet of paper. On one side, list your personality traits. Be honest. If you have an anger problem or are whiny, list it. On the other side, list the traits of the people you want in your life for dating and friendship.

Do the traits match up? If they don’t, then you’re probably not as popular or successful as you like. For example, if you are whiny and lack confidence, yet you want a beautiful, fun woman, do you really think she’s going to be attracted to you? If you want friends who are outgoing and successful, but you’re shy and play video games all day, is that really going to fly?

Typically your lack of friends and dates comes because of your mentality. If you are negative, angry, anxious, or a host of other negative traits, then you are going to attract those types of people into your life. It’s like my former colleague. No one with positive traits wanted to be around her. Is the same thing happening to you?

To break out of your current rut, it’s important to try to move your personality towards your ideal self. If you’ve written down the traits you admire in others, then start trying to achieve those traits in yourself. Live everyday like you want to embody them. For example, if you want confident, funny friends, then try to be more confident and funny each day.

We give tips here to achieve popularity and be your ideal self. Check back regularly for our advice. Use the law of attraction to your advantage by attracting awesome people to yourself. But, you’ll have to be more awesome first!

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