Be Popular Now: The Male Popularity Handbook

popularity book coverOur flagship book, Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It), by David and Jonathan Bennett is available on Theta Hill Press.

Do you sit at home more than you want?

Are you regularly without dates?

Do you want to be treated like a celebrity, wherever you go?

Are you jealous of other guys that seem to make friends and get dates easily?

Do you wish you had the social skills, assertiveness, and charm to get ahead at work and in all areas of life?

This book contains the secret skills that popular guys already know. This is no ordinary book about popularity. Most popularity “books” are about 40-50 pages, and give advice like “join a club” and “take up a hobby.” There are plenty of unpopular people in clubs and enjoying hobbies. Those aren’t bad pieces of advice; they just aren’t going to make somebody who is unpopular more popular.

Be Popular Now (available in print and on Kindle) is about totally transforming the way that you think and act so you model popular traits in every area of your life. Reading this book and putting the advice into practice will give you the skills to become more popular. Even if you are mildly popular (have a few friends and can get a girlfriend every so often) this book will help you create your dream life of attention, friends, and success.

The best thing about being popular is getting the attention you deserve. That, and being popular is really fun!

Read the following free chapter from the book to see how your life can change. Introduction: Yes, You Can Be Popular or Order it Now