Be Sick With Dignity

red crossWe all get sick. The CDC recently predicted the 2012-2013 flu season is going to be worse than expected. Most guys are going to have some kind of sickness this winter. How you react to sickness can tell others a lot about the kind of man you are.

We’ve all met those people are super annoying when they’re sick. Now, I’m not talking about the seriously ill. I’m referring to those people who turn every little sniffle into a chance for self-pity and attention. I’m also talking about those people who weasel out of their commitments if they happen to feel a little stomach unease in the morning.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post about whiny men, the most popular, confident males always show that they are in control of every situation, even the seasonal ailments. Playing for sympathy, complaining constantly, and taking a “poor me” type attitude are not characteristics of strong guys.

When it comes to being sick with the cold, the flu, or any other common ailment, it’s important to maintain a degree of control over your situation. Now, being in control means asking for help and doing the smart thing too. So, don’t act so tough that you get seriously ill or die!

But, for those lesser illnesses, keep your dignity and remain the confident, strong guy that you normally are.

Here are a few ways to keep your dignity when you’re sick:

  • Laugh and crack jokes at your condition
  • Don’t whine about the symptoms
  • Accept kind words from others graciously, but don’t seek sympathy
  • Rest and get well, but once you’re able, get back to work
  • Don’t turn others into your slaves (but take their little kindnesses)

So, if you get the flu or a cold this year, don’t let it be a time to look like a whiny guy. Be confident and in charge, even with your sickness.

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