Being Fit As a Demonstration of High Value

man working outWe’ve talked a lot about how personality plays a much more important role in attraction to women. In other words, while women certainly like good looking men, they value personality in choosing a partner far more than men do when choosing a woman. In spite of this, we also emphasize the importance of health and exercise frequently. So, is there a contradiction?

Not really. We talk a lot about how women typically assess guys in terms of “value.” This sounds crass and it’s not usually conscious. But, more than men, women want to see if a guy is a winner or a loser. They want to date the high value winners. And, by the way, value doesn’t mean nice and kind and friend material. Guys traditionally perceived as losers can be seen as winners in an evolutionary sense (providing, protecting, etc.).

This is where being fit (and even generally good looking) comes in. Fitness is a demonstration of a guy’s value. While it can’t overcome a bland, overly “nice guy” personality, it certainly helps a guy appear as confident and dominant.

Being fit, especially in 2014, really is an accomplishment, especially in the United States and other Western countries. It shows hard work, determination, patience, delayed gratification, and the ability to follow through with a difficult task. Plus, fit men (not overly skinny or bulky) are more aesthetically pleasing to the female eye.

So, fitness and having a good body are important. Don’t ever give up a fitness routine if you have it. And if you don’t have one, then get on it. However, work your fitness routine along with a routine that improves your personality and overall self. Make yourself as high value as possible, not only for the women you hope to attract but to be successful in all areas of life.

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