Being Healthy And Fit Makes A Popular Man

people running at a bike pathAre you obese or overweight? Do you have trouble climbing the stairs at work? Do you hate the way you look and find that it stops you from making friends and getting dates?

While looks aren’t absolutely essential for a man to be popular and successful they certainly help. And, if you’re extremely out of shape and overweight, they can hurt your chances a lot. No one in society admires a thirty-five year old grossly obese guy zipping around in a motorized cart at WalMart.

Last week, we did an Insanity the Asylum Volume 2 Review. We’ve also talked about other health and fitness issues. We are going to talk even more about these topics in the future? Why? Because they do matter. Being fit and healthy are huge indicators of value for a man. And, if you want to be popular, whether it’s with women or other men, then you’ll have to be seen as socially valuable.

I used to be overweight. I was skinny as a child, but discovered video games in fifth grade. That was the end of my outdoor activity and the start of my fatness. I put on about fifteen pounds, which for a ten year old is a lot. I got winded just walking up the stairs. My self-esteem sucked and I wore sweat pants everywhere.

However, I reached a limit at age fourteen. I started reading on health and fitness and decided I was done being fat! I lost the weight, got healthier, and joined sports teams. Although my weight has fluctuated occasionally, I’ve managed to stay generally fit and healthy since my high school breakthrough moment. I’ve read consistently on health and weight loss topics and know what works and what doesn’t. For the last three years especially, I’ve truly taken my health and fitness to a new level.

I’m going to share my personal tips frequently on this website. The other contributors, who are also healthy and fit, will do the same. We’re definitely not turning into a health and fitness blog. However, you can expect a few entries on those topics each month to help you on your quest for popularity. Just click on the “health and fitness” category link to see all of our entries.

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