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In the last 2 nights I said “hi” or talked to around 80 strangers. It was at a shopping mall with friends. I’d venture to say that I talked to more strangers in those 120 minutes than some people have talked to in their entire lives. It was a cross section of people: men, women, old, young, employees, shoppers, etc. Although I made a few jokes, in most cases I simply smiled and uttered the word “hi.”

The reactions varied from looks of shock to questions that started conversations. All in all, there were successes and failures, but one thing is for sure. It was fun. I walked around a busy mall and interacted with around 80 new people. I made people laugh and smile and brightened the day of several overworked employees. All in all the best word to describe it was: fun.

Being popular is really fun. And that’s ultimately what this website is about. Sure we talk a lot about self-help techniques and principles that on the surface seem difficult and like hard work. And, they can be both. However, all that hard work and difficulty has a purpose: making life more fun.

Being popular is fun because you experience the things that feel good. Popularity brings with it friends, dates, and social opportunities. Those are the obvious things. However, it also brings  other perks. You never have to be bored, unless you want down time. It gets you a greater network for employment. You make others feel special and happy. And, you get free stuff. Yes, when you’re popular people give you stuff! It’s great.

So, if you think being popular and attractive is difficult, just keep the end in mind. That end? Popularity is fun. It’s so fun, what are you waiting for? Break out of your rut today and have a blast!

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