Best Gifts For Men

christmas treeAround this time of year, lots of women typically wonder what they can get the men in their lives, from fathers to brothers to boyfriends and husbands. However, picking a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here are a few of the best gifts for men and our explanation of why men will like them (or should).

First, it’s important to mention that not all guys are the same. Obviously, you need to know the personality of the guy you’re buying the gifts for. The presents we list are definitely geared towards the more alpha male types. We don’t include technological gifts because lots of guys already have these and can be finicky about picking new ones.

A Watch

Every guy should own a nice wrist watch. Go the classier option and get an analog one with a larger watch face. Bigger watches have actually been associated with greater perception of manliness. Make sure if you buy one that it is quality. The best gifts should always last. Here are a couple we like:

Armitron Men’s Blue Sports Watch
Seiko Men’s Black Dial Watch

Dress Clothing

All guys should have the ability and willingness to dress up at times. But, that’s hard to do for many men because since they dress up pretty rarely, they just as rarely buy new dress clothes. So, they end up wearing clothing that looked stylish in another decade (and maybe not even then).

So, if you want to get a guy a good gift, get him some dress clothing. It could be a shirt, a tie, or a blazer. You can find these at a local men’s shop if you know his sizes.

A Manly Cologne

Smell is very important and a good scent can be an advantage when winning people over for dating,  friendship, and networking. If picking a cologne for a guy, it might be best to buy what he likes or go with him to pick it out. There you can make suggestions for a manly type of scent. A couple good choices are:

Cool Water
Drakkar Noir

An Outdoor Product

Humans are wired to get outdoors. Working in an office all day may be necessary but it isn’t natural. If your man loves the outdoors, get him a present related to that. If he has prison pallor, then give him a reason (and the equipment) to get out. This can be a knife, a nice pair of hiking boots, or anything to get back to nature.

Something Fitness Related

I’ve rarely met a guy who doesn’t at least care a little about looking his best physically. This is why a fitness related gift, if you know it would be taken in a positive way, can be a good one. But, obviously, if the person won’t use it or would be offended by it, find another option.

A few good fitness related presents are:

Beachbody’s Insanity
Beachbody’s P90x
Nike Plus Running Watch

However, the above ideas are simply suggestions. Sometimes the best gifts for men aren’t even found in stores or easily found at all. If you know the man in your life well, then you should have no trouble picking out the best presents for him.

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