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Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive, and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It)

popularity book coverReleased in 2013 by Theta Hill Press, this 250 page book is the  handbook of male popularity.

Learn how popular people think and act in this entertaining and informative book. Whether you want more friends, a bunch of dates, or to advance at work, these popularity skills will take you there. Becoming popular is fun and easy with the tips in this book.

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Size Doesn’t Matter: The Short Man’s Handbook of Dating and Relationship Success

Size Doesn't Matter Cover

Let’s be honest. In the “dating game” shorter guys are at a disadvantage. (Lack of) height is almost always a main reason short guys get rejected by women. Some women are vocal about their lack of attraction to (and sometimes outright hatred of) short-stature guys. Online dating is particularly difficult for shorter dudes, and many women pre-sort any guy who isn’t tall.

In this unique book, we include over 280 pages of top-notch, science-based tips that will give guys of all heights the power to become more attractive to women, and for shorter guys, to make up for the height disadvantage.  This book is empowering for shorter guys, and includes a great appendix with funny and confident “come backs” for when women (and men) use short stature as a put-down.

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Eleven Dating Mistakes Guys Make (And How To Correct Them)

Eleven Dating Mistakes Guys Make CoverAlmost every guy makes some type of dating mistake. Do you know how many guys have trouble meeting women, talking to them, and “closing” the deal to meet romantically?

These eleven mistakes are “date killers.” If you have been single for long periods of time, or just struggle to get as many dates as you would like, you probably make many (maybe even all) of these mistakes. This mini-handbook is available on Kindle for a great price. Included as a bonus is “Eleven Top Teases,” containing some of our favorite flirtatious teases (or “negs”) to help you establish yourself as boyfriend material.

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Eleven Dating Mistakes Women Make (And How To Correct Them)

Eleven Dating Mistakes Women Make CoverMany women get frustrated with being perpetually single. It doesn’t seem fair…these same women might be in charge at work, have plenty of friends, and advanced degrees.

This book explains eleven dating mistakes women often make. These mistakes are so common, that many women make them and aren’t even aware of it. This book will open your eyes, and explain in a fun and practical way how to immediately correct your dating errors, so it will be you the guys are chasing.

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Why Women Like Jerks

It is common knowledge in the dating game that women seem to like jerks. Why is this so? Why do many women pass up “nice” guys that seem to have all the characteristics they want in a guy (like being sensitive) and date bad boys? And once they start dating them, why is it hard for women to leave jerks?

This talk explains why jerks have characteristics similar to “dream guys,” and thus jerks are actually more attractive than boring and nice guys. The talk also explains the brain chemistry of attraction, and why being attracted to a jerk is pretty much an addiction. This informative talk is for women.

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