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When I was in line at Tim Hortons, I was telling a couple of the employees about my book. They both thought it was cool and one wanted to read it. The other said, “I don’t read.” The other responded, “maybe that’s why you’re so dumb.”

Recent studies have shown that Americans, on average, are getting dumber. This is in spite of throwing piles of money at our failing schools. While there are many factors involved in the dumbing down of our youth (and adults), I believe one reason is this: people, especially men, simply don’t read.

In 2007, a survey was released showing that in the previous year only one in four Americans had read a book. Those most likely not to have read a book were, no surprise, men and the young. There is a typical example of a younger guy’s mentality from the linked article: a 34 year old who prefers sitting in his pool to reading because reading makes him sleepy. Lame.

Most of the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, and leaders have been avid readers. They pore over great works of fiction and non-fiction and learn from them. They don’t just become culturally literate, but also find ways to better themselves and their world. They then go out and produce, whether it’s through writing or other endeavors.

Sadly, a lot of guys today prefer sitting in the pool (or some other lazy activity) to learning and bettering themselves (and then going out and changing the world). It’s no surprise that most college graduates are women and they are the ones filling the leadership vacuum created by departing men. Women read.

Of course, a lot of published books are total crap and/or geared towards women. But, that’s because of the market. Remember, women read and publishers cater to readers. But, there are some amazing books out there that a guy should read and that can change his life. Here at the Popular Man we’re going to review and recommend those books.

You can find these reviews in our new Books For Men category. Check them out, be more intelligent and change your life.

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