Breaking News: Young Women Prefer Nice Guys In Dating

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For Immediate Release: April 1, 2016.

We are pleased to announce the results of a groundbreaking study done by the Popular Man about the preferences of women aged 18-22. We sent fifty women on a date with an actor pretending to be a prototypical “nice” guy and then with a different actor pretending to be a “bad boy.” The results were stunning and didn’t fit our hypothesis at all. Out of fifty women, forty-seven, or ninety-four percent preferred the “nice” guy to the “bad boy” based on a series of follow-up questions to indicate attraction.

The results were also very extreme in favor of the “nice” guy. The women nearly all rated the “nice” guy as more attractive, exciting, and worthy of their time and attention. To our surprise, in two cases, women even attempted to sleep with Phil, the actor playing the “nice” guy at the end of the date. Similar answers and behavior were not noted with the “bad boy.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Phil said, “I had just finished talking about my engineering degree and entry level job and she had this look in her eye. When she found out that I had a modest apartment and 2006 Civic too, she nearly jumped on me. She asked for the check from the waiter and nearly begged me to take her home.”

Tom, the actor playing the “bad boy” was just as shocked, as he saw little interest from all but a handful of women.

“I tried everything I could. I brought up my MMA skills, my motorcycle, and even how women can’t resist me. Nothing worked. I showed one my tattoo and she yawned and looked at her watch.”

Chelsea, one of the female participants, gave the “nice” guy a perfect rating across all attraction indicators. Her statements echo those of the majority of the other women.

“I just couldn’t resist him,” she said of Phil’s acting. “He’s so…what’s the word? Stable. I knew by how clean cut he was that he had potential. But, when he talked about his steady job and paying his bills on time, I was hooked. I admit, I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t real.”

She felt the “bad boy” was just a huge turn off. “He didn’t even seem to try. He was aloof and seemed uninterested. He didn’t even compliment me once. And to be honest, his tattoos and motorcycle talk were just trashy. Sure he was edgy and good looking, but that’s all he had going for him.”

Phil tried to appear unattractive by sharing his nerdy leanings. “I brought up my toy collection and how I missed sleeping at my parents’ house at times. I even told her how my dream job was to be a storm trooper. It didn’t seem to faze her.”

Yes, Phil’s blatant efforts to fail with Carrie, well, failed. She told the researchers, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. He agreed with everything I said…all night. He listened to all my problems, even when I talked openly about past boyfriends. I was also happy to know that he considers himself totally vanilla in the bedroom. I’m so tired of everyone trying to be Christian Grey! I know he’s an actor, but I’m so hot for him right now it is beyond belief.”

From the results of our study, one has to conclude that conventional wisdom is wrong: in dating, nice guys finish first. The women preferring the “bad boy” stereotype, as our study also shows, has no basis in fact.

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  1. This can’t be real. Women going for stable, boring guys over exciting, masculine ones? And I know for a fact that chicks diiig guys with badass motorbikes.

    You sure this is not a joke?

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