Can You Be Popular And Religious?

Tim Tebow

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One of the most popular players in the NFL is Tim Tebow. What’s amazing too is that he’s not even a starter now and hasn’t been one for most of his career. Granted, he’s very controversial, but there’s no denying he’s attractive to many people. Even those who may not personally like him still find him interesting, which is a form of popularity.

I tell the story of Tim Tebow because he shows that a person can be religious (even strongly so) and still be popular. That may not be your experience if you are religious. Perhaps you find that your Christian views, observance of Jewish holidays, or any other religious expression makes you less popular in the eyes of your friends and co-workers. You may even feel compelled to hide or downplay your beliefs to be popular, especially in certain environments.

I’m here to tell you that you can be religious and popular. In fact, you can even be wildly popular while holding to Christianity of any other religion. Even a quick glance at famous Christians (and even Jews) can tell you that: Tyler Perry (Christian), Patricia Heaton (Christian), Morgan Freeman (Christian), Steven Hill (Jewish), and many more.

While these examples don’t prove that you can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion and be popular, they do show that it’s possible. However, they do show that embracing religion isn’t an automatic disqualifier from being successful and popular.

Yet, if you are deeply religious, then you’ll still need to keep a few things in mind if you’re trying to be popular. You can’t be a judgmental nutjob who condemns others and expect them to love you. On Monday, we’re going to be looking at ways you can be faithful to your religious faith and still be popular.

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