The Popular Man Christmas Book Sale

Christmas bulbs on a treeDid you ask Santa for a girlfriend? What about more friends? Or maybe a better job?

Good friends, a fun social life, and a beautiful girlfriend won’t magically appear under your tree this Christmas. Santa isn’t into kidnapping people and bringing them down your chimney on December 25th, even if you did put that on your list.

However, you can give total social life transformation to someone this Christmas with our books. And…the prices are the best they have been all year!

Do you want a better social life? What about your brother who doesn’t seem to have any friends? Or what about your son, whom you are pretty sure will never give you grandchildren if he keeps acting the way he is? And what about your best buddy, who always complains about never having a girlfriend?

Give them the gift of transformation this holiday.

Our Kindle books are on sale starting today at 11:00 AM, which coincides with Read Tuesday. Then, to make things more fun, we are extending the sales for a week! Every book is on sale: Be Popular NowEleven Dating Mistakes Guys Make, Eleven Dating Mistakes Women Make, and Say It Like You Mean It.


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David Bennett is author of seven self-help books, and an in-demand speaker and consultant. Over a million readers per year read his online content, and his writings have been referenced in many publications and news outlets, including Girls Life, Fox News, the New York Times, Huffington Post, and BBC. He also writes for The Popular Teen, and other sites. Follow him on Twitter.

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