Congratulations to National Champions Ohio State

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The Ohio State University Buckeyes are the national champions of college football. It was an improbable run. Underestimated by everyone, they got very little respect, especially from so-called experts. They not only lost their first string quarterback to injury, but their second string , as well. When they won the championship game, it was with their third stringer. He did just fine.

Sure, I’m from Ohio and an OSU fan, so I’m biased. But, it’s hard to argue with the team’s grit, toughness, and flexibility. Coach Urban Meyer deserves a lot of the credit. His leadership skills kept the team motivated and fighting through the adversity and doubt. Even I was shocked by the team getting into the playoffs, beating Alabama, and then winning the championship game. I guess I didn’t believe like they did.

The Buckeyes displayed the traits that we try to teach here: toughness, flexibility, confidence, and quiet swagger. They were underestimated, but came through. That is what we expect of the guys we help. No one expects them to succeed. But, we help them pull it together and develop the confidence to surprise others and find success in what they attempt.

Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes! It was a great win. You deserve it!

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