Do Women Like Fat Men?

Man Wearing Fat SuitWe all know society values thinness (just look at any magazine, movie, or ad). However, men and women aren’t getting thinner. They’re actually becoming fatter! That could be bad news for the average person.

A lot of guys whom I advise are, ahem, a tad overweight. One of their first questions when trying to get dates is: do women like fat men?

Most of the guys I talk to clearly know their dating preference in women: beautiful and skinny (or nearly so). In addition, they see all the popular male movie stars and celebrities who have rock hard bodies or are at least skinny. So, they assume the answer to the question do women like fat men (for dating purposes) is a resounding “no!”

But, it’s actually a little more complicated. Obviously, women like overweight guys for friendship and other relationships. As a general rule, though, for dating, women don’t prefer fat men. Other than a few outliers, no woman will say “I want to date an overweight or obese man rather than a fit one.” However, while the rules of the dating game penalize extremely fat women pretty severely, they aren’t that harsh towards fat men. If you’re an overweight or obese man that is pretty good news.

Women want to date a high value man. This value is established in multiple ways. Typically, it means being able to provide and protect. So, women generally like powerful, strong, and confident men (maybe even cocky). They are willing to overlook other potential negatives (like old age and weight) if the value is high enough. It’s why Hugh Hefner dates girls who are over half his age and famous model Anna Nicole Smith dated a millionaire in his late nineties.

However, being too overweight and out of shape is definitely seen as a low value trait. Plus, being a fat man can get in the way of other opportunities for high value. It’s hard to be a good dresser if you’re too big for trendy clothes. It’s difficult to make a lot of money if you’re on disability for your weight. Being winded while walking up a simple set of stairs impresses no one. You get the point.

So, being an overweight man can be a hindrance in the dating game. But, it’s not a deal breaker. But, if you’re going to stay overweight, then you’d better have a lot of other amazing traits in your favor (like humor, height, money, etc.).

But, instead of asking do women like fat men, start trying to lose the weight instead. Being thin and fit won’t get you dates (lots of thin guys are lonely), but it is a way to add to your value, especially if you already have a lot of other great traits. We have an entire health and fitness category to help you.

Best of luck losing weight and being successful with dating women (and friendship with both sexes).

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