Dominance, Not Looks, Determines Male Attractiveness

Sorry to bear the bad news to all the guys working their biceps for hours in the gym and never leaving the treadmill, but looks aren’t that important when attracting women. Actually, I’m not sorry to bear this news because we’ve been saying it for years.

However, now there’s a study that backs up our anecdotal evidence and the experience of others in our field. You gotta love science. Here is the study and the most salient quote.

On a large American university campus, 63 men from two social fraternities provided anthropometric measurements, facial photographs, voice recordings, and reported mating success (number of sexual partners). These men also assessed each other’s dominance, and 72 women from two socially affiliated sororities assessed the men’s attractiveness.

The results they discovered were fascinating. Here they are:

Results indicate that dominance and the traits associated with it predict men’s mating success, but attractiveness and the traits associated with it do not.

The entire study itself is worth reading. But, the results are clear. Good looks simply aren’t the main factor in male attractiveness to women.

Of course, we talk a lot about improving looks here and consider it very important. A guy with a great body can use it as a way to demonstrate his high value. However, a beta male with perfect abs is out of luck with women if he has no other skills (as he already knows).

So, keep going to the gym as a part of being an overall excellent person. But, if you’re not building up your confidence, high value, and social skills as well as your muscles, you’re still going to be alone and less than attractive to the ladies.

This study also confirms why women do not like “nice guys” either. If dominance is attractive, then submission in men is unattractive. Proof why nice guys finish last, even the good looking ones.

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