Don’t Be A Social Media Loser

instagram logoA quick look through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any number of social media platforms can reveal a lot about why a lot of people lack both friends and romantic relationships. While women have their social media fails, a girl with a pretty profile pic will likely get some attention even if she’s a super dramatic attention seeker. Guys, on the other hand, are judged more by their personality. This means others look more at the content of their posts (although pics matter too).

If you want to be popular and attractive, you can’t look like a tool on social media. You have to let your social media presence mirror your real life excellence (hopefully you have that).

Don’t Be Whiny Or Needy

One of the most unattractive traits in men is needy behavior. No man wants to be perceived as needy or whiny in real life or on social media. This means guys shouldn’t post statuses that come across as whiny, petty, dramatic or otherwise. Don’t moan about being single, being mistreated by women, seek sympathy, etc.

Come across as confident and dominant, not needy and insecure. If you have problems, then seek professional help. Don’t broadcast it to Facebook or anywhere else. Let your social media presence be positive, carefully controlled, and make you look good.

Avoid White Knighting

I know many people on my Facebook list who are white knights. They always rush to the defense of (allegedly) helpless women or go out of their way to share their own strong opinions of defending women. An example is a guy claiming to be a big feminist and bashing other guys hoping that it will get him a date.

The funny thing is every one of these white knight types I know never gets a date. The women agree with his statuses but refuse to date him. White knighting is really pretty dumb. Women like guys who are provider/protector types. But, some guy who is all mouth who pretends to care to get in their pants? Uh no.

Most women can fight for themselves on social media. You can stand up to idiotic behavior, but don’t think that a woman needs your help to defend herself on her Facebook wall.

Don’t Look Creepy

This is where the whole picture thing comes into play. The picture you choose can set you apart as a winner or loser. Pick one that’s flattering. Look natural, normal, and your best. Don’t upload pics that make you look pathetic or where people will be laughing at you rather than with you. The Star Trek convention when you were in your neckbeard phase? Just don’t.

Also, avoid posting things that come across as creepy. Don’t talk about topics that make others uncomfortable or weirded out. You can be controversial and bold. People tend to like that. However, if you make them scared, then no way. Be cool, confident, funny, and charming. But, also be safe.

So, don’t be a social media loser. Let your social media accounts tell others what an amazing guy you are and how you’d be totally worth getting to know.

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