Don’t Get Them Feeling Sorry For You

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We all have tough times, and, for many guys, some of those tough times come from problems with girls. As we’ve mentioned previously, the feelings surrounding lovesickness are real since they come from genuine brain chemical reactions.

So, there are times when our depressive feelings cause us to be generally down. And, sometimes when we’re generally down we may feel like venting or feeling sorry for ourselves. This is especially true for some people who tend to thrive on negative emotions.

However, getting women to feel sorry for you isn’t attractive. It’s true that women are typically more nurturing and empathetic than men and will listen to your problems. It’s why counselors in the helping fields are largely made up of females.

And, if a woman is in a relationship with you and has bonded with you, if you’re feeling down, she’ll likely want to help you feel better and be there for you. It’s because she’s already in love with you and wants to help you.

But, and this is key, if you’re not already in a relationship with the woman, your depressive attitude isn’t likely going to make her feel an attraction to you. It’s not that she’s being rude or lacks understanding.

It’s just that attraction isn’t really a choice and certain things push attraction buttons. Those things are providing and protecting behaviors, like confidence, power, and success. Women see behaviors related to these traits and what do they feel? Attraction to the person who has them!

But, if women see you all upset and needy, then different hormones and chemicals take over their brains. They see you as needy and in need of nurturing. That means you become like their child (or a child) or their female friends. They’ll help you and feel sorry for you, but they won’t want to date you.

While there are exceptions to every rule, in general, you don’t want to get women feeling sorry for you or give off that vibe when trying to meet new people. Try to pump yourself up and get yourself in a better mood. Watch a funny show before leaving or go out with an upbeat friend.

Don’t hold in your feelings and feel you have to be fake. However, vent to a therapist or a friend. Don’t do it around women that you want to date. When it comes to women you don’t want to get them feeling sorry for you.

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