Dress Your Age

George Clooney and Barack ObamaLikely you’ve been told many times to act your age. Should you follow that advice? If it means being a boring old guy then hell no!

But, you absolutely must dress your age. Here’s why: if you’re forty-five trying to look eighteen you’ll just look ridiculous to both the forty-somethings and the teenagers.

The same is true if you dress like a slob when you should be dressing with class.

As we age, society has different expectations for the way we dress. This doesn’t mean you have to dress like an old fogey. However, unless you’re an established celebrity with a clear brand, you’ll need to think about how others will perceive you when you go out.

For work, always look classy and professional. Don’t be sloppy or careless just because that’s the way you dressed in college. You really do have to grow up in some ways when you get a white collar job. It’s just expected.

Be the best looking person in your office. It really does make a positive statement to colleagues, clients, and your boss. Wear a tie when others don’t. Own a nice pair of shows. Find ways to stand out.

For going out with friends and dates, be trendy, but age appropriate. Go to a trendy store that caters to adults and look at ads with models that seem to be close to your age. Pick those clothes. If you have a fashionable woman in your life, she could be a good source of advice too.

So, think and act young. But dress in a way that shows you are high value, successful, and have some of that common sense that comes with age.

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