Dullness Is Unattractive

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We’ve talked a lot about the importance of guys having the right personality to be more popular and attractive. While identifying the right personality is a little tricky, it’s not hard to identify the personality people don’t want.

It can be summed up in one word: dullness. A guy can be eccentric, annoying, overthetop, narcissistic, hotheaded, and a host of other traits and still be at the very least respected and admired. A dull guy? Not so much.

Sometimes we’re asked what is the worst type of guy for attraction purposes. We don’t mean this as a value judgment, but the worst thing a guy can be is dull and boring. Maybe bland and lifeless are equally apt words. Here is why dullness is unattractive.

When it comes to attraction, whether it’s making friends, dating, or even sales, you have to provide value to others. It sounds crass and overly capitalistic, but when others like you it’s because you provide something to them. It could be something as simple as friendship, of course.

But to be attractive to large numbers of people, a guy must be worth knowing in an even bigger sense. He must provide some type of value in a relationship. It’s why famous people are famous. They provide some sort of large scale value to others, whether it’s music ability, athletic skill, humor, or even good looks.

This is why dullness is so detrimental to social success. A guy who is dull brings very little of value to any relationship. A dull guy is forgettable and not fun or exciting. He doesn’t make people want to get to know him or date him.

And, what’s worse is that dull guys often have a hard time not being dull because they lack passion. In order to change, a guy has to get upset and passionate. He has to be ticked off to the point of wanting to put in the effort to change his life. A bland, lifeless attitude can get in the way of not only attractiveness but the ability to change to be more attractive.

So, dullness is never attractive. Start showing some excitement and passion. Get a new hobby, learn a skill. Do anything to make yourself worth knowing.

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