Top Eleven Teases

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Image courtesy of Ambro/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

We have clients who have serious flirting problems. Let’s take Ben for example. Ben was so serious when talking to women. He always kept it intellectual and straightforward. In other words, he always kept it booorrrring. Even though he was cute, women viewed him as “just a friend” because he never excited them romantically.

Once Ben learned how to flirt, everything changed. He started showing women he “meant business” romantically. As his natural humor and charm emerged, women viewed him less as a boring “friend,” and more as an exciting potential date.

Being flirtatious is a key way to get a date.  The guys that get beautiful women are  naturally charming, funny, and edgy. If you’re boring, serious, and passive, it’s no wonder you are single.

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