Embracing The Friend Zone

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For many guys there is no place worse than the friend zone. Since it involves a lot more effort and emotional investment than simply approaching and being instantly rejected at a club or other venue, getting friend zoned is often far more difficult for guys to accept. However, there are times when embracing the friend zone can be a good thing.

Let me begin by saying, if you want to date a girl and nothing else, then date her or be done with her. While friends can certainly turn into more than friends, befriending a girl solely to date her is bad for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn’t usually work. Second, it’s pretty dishonest to pretend to be friends with someone for months if you really have no intention of actual friendship.

But, what about that gray area of guys who would gladly date their attractive female friends (which, news flash, is most guys) but also still want to be friends? In that case, we have a very surprising recommendation. Be friends with them. Yep, there’s nothing wrong with having friends who are women. In fact, there can be some advantages, even in dating.

The biggest one is social proof. If a guy is with a girl, especially a pretty one, it makes him look good, even if she’s just a friend. For one, it shows other women that he’s safe. No woman will be hanging around with a creeper. Second, it shows that he has the skills to interact with women, even if it’s in a friendship capacity.

Women are much pickier than men when it comes to dating. They are also typically more apprehensive with men since they’re less physically imposing. A guy who has female friends is able to instantly show women that he can relate to women on some level and is less likely to harm them. That first impression is important.

Finally, female friends can be cool in ways guy friends cannot. They can give you perspective on women and provide a different dynamic in group activities (like sporting events). And, there’s no rule that you can’t keep a little sexual tension and subtly try to move the relationship in a different direction if the circumstances arise.

So, although it’s not standard advice, there are times when you might want to embrace the friend zone. This is true especially if you have cool, fun female friends.

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