Employee Morale: How To Boost It

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We all have a story of not just a bad workplace experience but an outright horrific one. Let’s face it, most managers get there, not because they deserve it or have the skills for it, but because they ruthlessly fight for it. And, managerial skills don’t instantly materialize the second they get promoted.

However, good employee morale is essential to productivity and the bottom line. Being a taskmaster isn’t a good strategy for long term success with employees. So, here we talk about employee morale and how to boost it.

Offer Perks Or More

There are many discounts, benefits, and perks that can be given to employees at little cost. Things like reduced price gym memberships, discount cards for stores, etc. can be offered at no cost to the company. Usually it’s just a matter of researching what they are and talking to the business in question about group type of discounts.

There are also cheaper perks that a company can pay for that can help employees be happier. Provide coffee regularly. Offer lunch once a week. Pay for a part of a gym membership. Be creative if money is limited. However, if there is money then…

Give Them Money

I remember working at a job where we had all sorts of money available for “perks.” But, lots of us didn’t even want the perks. We would’ve gladly taken a few hundred extra dollars and spent them on what we actually wanted.

If you have a chunk of extra money, give a bonus to deserving employees or buy a bunch of gift cards you know people can actually use. Most people want freedom and flexibility to choose their own perks. This brings us to…

Offer Some Freedom

The worst destroyer of employee morale in my experience is micromanagement. While I understand a company has their policies, giving employees flexibility and creativity in some areas is a must. If everything comes from the top down, then the employee feels like a hamster on a wheel.

Even if it’s impossible to give an employee a lot of independence, then give him or her the appearance of independence. Find a way to make each employee feel useful to the company and like he or she has a real say in its day to day operations.

Give Them Flexibility

As a manager, the company may be a huge part of your identity. You probably love your job and are well-compensated for it. However, this isn’t the case for your underlings. Their life is likely their family, their hobbies, or a host of other interests. So, if you can’t give raises, then at least give some flex time. To salaried people, offer a few extra holidays or close the office at three a couple of days each month.

Employees, especially those with families, will enjoy the time off and give more to the company when they return happy and refreshed.

Employee Morale

So, these tips should help boost employee morale. Keep in mind that a happy employee is generally more productive. If you’re a manager, be flexible enough to change. In the long run, a happy employee is a good employee. Someone going through the motions while miserable…not so much.

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