Every Guy Should Be Fit And Healthy

man working outWhen I was in college, I put on some weight. While I wasn’t huge, I was large enough. But, that wasn’t even the whole story. I spent more time eating Doritos than doing any real exercise. And, it made me look pretty bad when trying to win friends and get girlfriends.

This article explains why every guy should be fit and healthy. I don’t mean every guy needs to be buff or skinny or have the perfect body. Still, every guy should have at least a basic level of health and fitness. Here is why.

Physical Activities

Back when I was unfit and overweight, it really affected my ability to get around. I don’t mean that I was immobile or house bound. But, it’s hard to live life to the fullest when you can barely walk up the stairs without getting winded.

Being fit and healthy gives you energy and ability you might never have known you even had. I went from sitting around watching TV to pursuing incredible goals. Sure, the fatter me could’ve pursued those goals. But, I didn’t have the energy.

If you’re overweight and out of shape, that could be holding you back in other ways too.

Self Esteem

Having a “perfect” body is way overrated. But, being healthy and getting around is really good for self esteem. It’s nice to be able to fit in clothes that make you look good and be admired for your looks.

Walking into a room feeling like a million bucks is great for your self-confidence. Although there are insecure skinny guys and confident fat guys, being fit and healthy certainly helps.

In addition, I don’t think I need to mention that fitter looking guys are generally considered more attractive to women. Although looks aren’t the only factor in dating, they sure help.


One of the upsides of being fit and healthy is hygiene becomes much easier. As you slim down, you’ll sweat less for one. So, you don’t have to worry about those yellow sweat stains rearing their ugly heads.

In addition, if you clean up your diet and eat healthier foods, you’ll smell better in general. Putting pungent junk into your body means it ends up coming through the pores (or out of orifices). Clean eating leads to a better natural smell, which is much preferred by women and men alike.


Finally, every guy should be fit and healthy because it saves money. Sure, short term it might cost more (healthier food costs more, gyms aren’t free, etc.). But, in the long run it saves money.

Obese people spend far, far more on lifetime healthcare than those who are fit and healthy. Although everyone bears the cost to an extent through insurance, the obese person is responsible for the co-pays, deductibles, and more. That money would be better spent on yourself or on a special someone.

So, every guy should make an effort to be fit and healthy. If you’re not, check out a weight loss or fitness plan in conjunction with your doctor.

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