Female Friends: Why They Matter

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Since one of our main goals is to help guys make friends, it’s interesting that we actually spend a lot of time helping them not make friends. This is because of the desire guys have to avoid the friend zone with attractive women.

However, no matter how skilled you are, there are times when being in the friend zone is acceptable and even preferable. These examples could be if the girl is attached or has too many issues to want to date long term. Or maybe there’s just no mutual attraction and none in the foreseeable future. In these cases, female friends are a good thing and don’t represent a dating failure.

So, here we talk about female friends, why they matter.

They Can Be Fun

Although most guys would rather hang out with their male friends outside of dating contexts (and this is understandable), don’t discount your female friends to provide you with some fun either.

Some women can really get into masculine interests (like sports and guns, for example) and can add a new perspective and twist to those activities. For example, I enjoy target shooting with females because it’s cool to try something like that with the opposite sex.

They Provide Social Proof

If you are looking to date women, it actually helps to have other women who like you and approve of you. It’s called social proof. Essentially, it’s when other people vouch for you. In terms of dating, women like to see that you’re safe and not weird. Having female friends can help with this.

So, if you go out looking for dates, it never hurts to go out with ladies. While you don’t want to look like the dateless nice guy in the group, it does help to have female friends around you to prove that you’re not a weird creeper.

Occasionally You Can Move Forward

Sometimes, you might even be able to move forward with your female friends in a more romantic fashion. In some cases, if there’s a latent or hidden attraction, it’s possible that you can turn a friend into a romantic partner.

However, the rules still apply. She has to find you attractive. But, if she’s attached at the time or has issues that are stopping the relationship (e.g. commitment problems), then down the line, if you’re cool and show your value, you could take your female friends to a different level.

Sexual Tension Can Make Things Better

Many activities can be more fun if you’re with someone you like and with whom you have some sexual tension. Even if nothing will happen (for a variety of reasons), having a friend you can flirt with is never a bad thing. Plus, as with the previous section, you never know what could happen.

So, value your female friends. Don’t get stuck in the friend zone with girls you really like. But, female friends matter too. And can be an asset.

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