Field Reports: Get Very Excited

down hill viewIn many ways, this website has been focused on advice and self help type of tips. However, there aren’t a whole lot of examples of these tips in action. Trust me, they work. My life is living proof. But, it’s hard to explain the tips and tell lots of stories about them working in an article that doesn’t stretch into a few thousand words. That is where field reports come in.

Being popular is extremely fun. It’s also exciting and entertaining, not only for the popular guy, but also the ones who are around him. We want our readers to not only learn how to create that excitement through self help articles, but also see how exciting and fun that advice can actually be through real examples.

So, starting from this point forward, our writers will be giving field reports of how the material we’ve created plays out in the real world. Obviously names (and occasionally locations and other small details) will be changed to protect the privacy of those we meet, but otherwise they will be totally true examples of going out in the world and taking it by storm (i.e. being popular).

I hope you gain a couple of things from these reports. First, I hope you can see just how fun and amazing being popular is. I want to you feel the joy I feel when I go out and try these techniques. Why? Because I believe the world needs more popular, confident, and excellent men. It makes the world a better, happier, and more excellent place.

Second, these reports will give you ideas for your own life and social interactions. You can go out and mimic our humor, use our lines (adapted to your situation, of course), and put yourself in similar situations where you can have fun. While some of these reports will be at unusual events or in special circumstances, in most cases they will be from everyday life. Yes, your everyday life can be a blast too.

So, we are adding a field reports category page and will be posting reports. Check back often!

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