Finding Love For Valentine’s Day

old valentines day cardI’m sure any single guy can tell you that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Although it’s a Hallmark holiday with vaguely Catholic roots, it has taken on great importance in American culture. It’s because the media has portrayed participating in Valentine’s Day as symbolizing your worth as a lover.

Consequently, guys (and women) who are lonely 364 days of the year somehow feel extra inadequate on February 14th. Of course, that’s pretty ridiculous. But, insofar as Valentine’s Day gets guys thinking about their dating tactics, it could actually be a decent thing (just so those men don’t get all depressed and unmotivated).

Finding love for Valentine’s Day is tough for some men. After all, just because a day rolls around once a year, doesn’t mean a guy who has no clue about love suddenly becomes a Casanova. In fact, usually the opposite occurs: his ineptitude and loneliness are even more pronounced.

So how can a guy find love for Valentine’s Day? There’s actually not a satisfying answer to that question because very few dateless guys will find love in the little time left. But, you can at least start your journey towards finding love now.

First, you’ll have to learn to be more detached about relationships. If you’re desperate about finding love on Valentine’s Day then you’re likely too concerned about “having a girlfriend” anyway. If you are desperate for a woman, then likely you’re not being excellent around them. Relax and take it easy around women.

Second, you’ll need to be edgier. And, one of those rules is not to be overly concerned about sappy “holidays” like Valentine’s Day. That’s right, women typically like men with an edge. Do those guys buy them gifts on Valentine’s Day? I’d hope so. But, they don’t obsess over a choice of gifts and treat women like queens, except perhaps those women who are already deeply in love with them.

Finally, finding love on Valentine’s Day means looking for it and doing the right thing the other days of the year. So, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then you’ll need to meet women, build rapport with them, and get their numbers throughout the entire year. Then, the odds will be good that one will be “yours” on February 14.

Fortunately, we teach the skills necessary to get dates and be popular, not only on St. Valentine’s Day, but every single day. Check out our books and media page for more information and to get the woman of your dreams…any day of the year.

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