Five Ways To Be Popular If You’re Religious

Last week, we talked about Tim Tebow and a host of other celebrities who are both extremely popular and also religious (mostly Christian). I know a lot of people in “real life” who are also popular, attractive, and religious. However, most of them also have certain traits, in addition to their religious faith, that allow them to be popular with large numbers of even non-religious people. If you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or actively involved in any other religion, you’ll enjoy our five tips to be both religious and popular.

Tip One: Be Around Like-Minded People

If you are extremely religious, then you’ll probably be more popular and attractive around people who share not only your religion, but also your brand of it. A fundamentalist Christian would likely be more appreciated around other fundamentalist Christians than with secular Jews or even those who embrace a more liberal form of Christianity.

While you should want to be popular with all people, even those who don’t share your values, it never hurts to hang around those who share them most of the time. They will likely appreciate you and make you more popular t rather than people who are antagonistic or even neutral regarding your faith.

Tip Two: Don’t Be Obnoxious

Religious People have a reputation for being obnoxious. It is likely because in modern culture the loudest and most obnoxious get all the attention. If you are religious, a lot of your friends and co-workers may expect you to be judgmental and harsh. Don’t be.

If you are the type of Christian (or another religion) who is constantly debating the hot button issues or condemning others, you likely won’t be attractive to that many people. You can disagree with others, but don’t be a jerk or nasty about it. Also, most judgmental people focus on the weaknesses of others to the exclusion of their own faults. That is another reason why religious people who spew judgment are usually disliked.

Tip Three: Build Up, Don’t Tear Down

This is related to the previous tip. Use your religious faith to build others up and you will be popular. If they are having a hard time, be a sympathetic ear. Offer your prayers for a sick loved one. Arrange for your church to help them if they’re in a difficult situation. These and other uplifting acts will not only give people a positive impression of your religion, but they’ll also give them a positive impression of you too.

Tip Four: Educate, Don’t Hector

A lot of people are genuinely curious about religion. They find the topic fascinating and would be willing to learn about it, but fear being judged or rushed into a commitment. If you can present your views with kindness, you may find that others will be interested in talking to you about it. If you are “that religious guy” at the office, then use it to your advantage by letting it increase your popularity.

For example, if you’re Jewish and you can get others in the office asking you questions about Judaism when they are curious, then they’ll gain a greater understanding of your faith. You’ll also gain a new friend or maybe a date.

Tip Five: Don’t Make Religion Your (Entire) Life

I’m not saying you can’t make your faith your top priority and overarching value. But, this isn’t the Middle Ages. Rarely do people value a person simply because he is religious or knows a lot about it. Celebrities like Tim Tebow and Patricia Heaton are valued because they are excellent and talented in others ways. Their religion is a side not, even though an important one.

If you want to be popular, especially among all types of people, then you’ll need to have more to your life than just a religious faith. You’ll need to be charming, outgoing, and talented. Your religious faith can complement everything you do, but it can’t be your total identity. Remember, this blog is about making you more popular. You can certainly choose to make your life completely about your religious identity. But, you likely won’t be loved by masses of people (like Tim Tebow and others).

So, you can be both religious and popular. Going to church or your chosen place of worship on a regular basis will help on the religious side. Visit The Popular Man regularly to help you on the popular side!

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