Four Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Your Looks

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Many guys are clueless about their looks. They wear clothes from another decade, have terrible hair (or are losing it), and can barely fit in a booth at the Golden Corral. While intangible elements such as power and confidence are essential for a guy’s attractiveness, looks matter too.

Good looks actually help a guy the most when he makes that crucial first impression with women and others. Fortunately, we can help you gain the edge (and with little effort on your part). Here are four quick and easy ways to improve your looks.

Care About Hair

There are a few guys who can pull off the rugged, unshaven look. There are even fewer who can make a beard look good. Most guys simply look sloppy when they let their beards grow out. So, if you want an easy way to improve your looks (as well as professionalism), then shave.

As for the hair on top of your head, get a current hairstyle that looks good with your facial structure, hair thickness, etc. Get some honest advice from a stylist who knows the trends (your eighty year old barber may not be good for this).

If you’re balding, then do something about it. We have a whole article about how to prevent going bald that explains it.

Having nicely styled hair and a clean shaven face goes a long way in making you instantly more attractive, both to women and from a professional standpoint.

Buy New Clothes

This largely applies to older guys, but could be an issue with younger men as well. They stop keeping up with the fashion trends and simply wear what they’ve always worn. They’re the ones with the jorts (jean shorts), braided belts, and cell phone clips (sometimes all at once).

Having a newer wardrobe is important because not having one makes you look old and, even worse, clueless. Shop in places that carry clothes with the latest fashions. However, look current for your age group. Go to a place that caters to adults, not teens.

Also, avoid going way too baggy or tight. If you have a nice body, then pick clothes that make you appear “put together.” Looking fashionable will make an instant positive impression, especially with women.

Lose Ten Pounds

Obviously this doesn’t apply to guys who are at their ideal weight. But, most guys, even the younger ones, could probably stand to lose a few pounds. And, it’s amazing how losing that weight, or at least some of it, could make you that much more attractive.

So, cut back on the food and start a light workout routine at the minimum (like walking). Try to go more intense if you can. Even if you can take off around ten pounds, you’d be amazed at how much of a difference that makes when others judge your initial attractiveness.

Remember the Skin

Most men don’t really care about skin health. After all, it’s a feminine trait to obsess over makeup, moisturizers, etc. But, that doesn’t mean a guy should neglect the skin. Having major blemishes can be gross and instantly turn off others.

At least keep your skin clean. Washing yourself is the most basic way to do this. It helps avoid disgusting things like pimples. You also want to keep your skin moisturized. Having dry, cracked skin, especially in the hands, is a big turn off. All it takes is some hand lotion to fix it.

So, you now have our four easy ways to improve your looks. While good looks won’t get you dates and friends, combined with our body language and other tips, they’ll make sure you’re as generally attractive as possible

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