Four Surprising Benefits Of Gratitude

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When your parents told you to write that thank you note to your grandma they were on to something (besides making you feel guilty). Gratitude actually confers some surprising and incredible benefits. Here are a few of them.

Gratitude Makes You Happier

Gratitude has been shown in many studies to increase our happiness levels. OK, this benefit might not be that surprising. Someone who focuses on negative feelings will get more negative feelings. Those who try to be thankful for what they have will focus more on the positive elements of life. This increased happiness is the foundation for all of the other benefits of gratitude.

Gratitude Makes You Sexier

Those who have negative personality traits such as rudeness are judged as less attractive for romantic interaction. And, people with positive personality traits are rated as more attractive, even when physical appearance is considered. And, what is one key to being positive? Gratitude for what you have in your life is a huge factor in a positive personality. Those ungrateful people who complain all the time? They just aren’t as attractive.

Gratitude Makes You More Popular

Gratitude positively impacts our mental states, making us happier, more social, more trusting and more receptive to interaction with others. In addition, expressing gratitude in relationships has been shown to make the other person happier and improve communication. So, being personally grateful and expressing it to others can make you more popular.

Gratitude Makes You Healthier

In one study, some individuals were asked to focus on the negative things in their week while another group focused instead on gratitude. The researchers found that the grateful people reported not only being happier but also exercising more and making fewer doctor’s visits. Negativity keeps us unwell while being grateful and positive makes us healthier (even physically).

So, with American Thanksgiving coming this week, it might be wise to take some time to think about what we can be grateful for. All of us have many things we could list. Be grateful and experience the surprising benefits.

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