Four Tips To Choose the Right Place When You Go Out

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A lot of people, even those who are outgoing, still have trouble meeting new people because, when they go out, they aren’t smart about where they go.

So, you might have all the social skills in the world, but still fail because you go to the wrong places. Here are four tips to help you choose the right venue to be the most socially successful when you go out.

Pick a Place That Shares Your Values and Interests

If you want to meet new people, go to a bar or club, right? Well, if you like bars or clubs, perhaps. However, not everyone likes to be in crowded places with drunks. And, if that person still goes to bars, I hope he’s not shocked when he doesn’t meet anyone he likes (or anyone at all).

If you want to be at ease and your best, then you have to go to places aligned with your values or interests. If you like chess, go to a chess tournament. If you’re into heavy metal music, go to a concert. If you’re a Christian, don’t go to places that make you un-comfortable.

Keep in mind that it’s always good to push yourself out of your comfort zone occasionally and develop diverse interests. But, for the most part, go to places that align with your interests.

Go Where You Are Valued

This is somewhat related to the first tip, but still deserves a separate category. If you are a man, then you will be judged based on your value. And, unless you’re rich and powerful, your value can be somewhat relative based on the company you keep. A puny comic book nerd will be valued at a comic convention, but probably won’t be at a fitness expo.

Go to places and events where your traits and skills are considered valuable and where they are evident to others. You may have to evaluate your talents and traits first, but it’s worth it. Of course, if you are outgoing, funny, and charming, then you can probably fit in anywhere because those are universally valued traits.

Go Where People Are Open To Interaction

I have a good friend who always tried to meet women at a local coffee shop. He didn’t really succeed. And, one quick look in the coffee shop shows why: lots of people at their laptops, reading books, and listening to headphones. These activities don’t exactly scream “talk to me!” In fact, they say, “leave me alone.”

To meet new people, you’ll want to find locations where others are actually looking to meet new people. A few places where people are open to interaction are bars, clubs, festivals, concerts, singles groups, and networking meetings. Men and women are generally more closed to interaction at gyms, religious services (except maybe during social time afterwards), stores, and other places where they have other priorities than meeting others.

Do Your Research

Be creative when it comes to going out. Don’t just go to the typical hangout down the road where everyone knows you (and wants nothing to do with you). Find new events and venues. Some places offer deals and other incentives to come in, which is another plus. You may not like what they offer, but you can at least try. You don’t have to go back.

A good place to find events and new places is through local websites. Sometimes online newspapers post event information. If you feel a little awkward trying something new, then invite a friend to go with you.

Hopefully, these four tips will be helpful in deciding where to go out. Of course, once you are out, you’ll have to put on your charm. We have advice for that too. Visit our blog and social media pages to get even more tips and techniques.

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