Four Tips To Increase Your Work Ethic

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We previously explained why a work ethic is key to success at any type of task. This article, however, is concerned with actually helping you (or someone else) change work ethic.

I heard a lot from my grandfather (and later my dad) that “you can’t fix lazy.” Grandpa believed that once you were an adult, your work ethic was established and couldn’t change.

I’m more optimistic than my grandpa and dad. I believe that laziness can be fixed or at least lessened in others, just like any other personality flaw.

So, even if you are lazy and unmotivated, you can still change. Read our four tips to increase your work ethic and find success at your tasks. Of course, change requires work, so…it could be a tough road.

Find Your Passion

When I worked at K-Mart one summer, I was put in the do-it-yourself department. I had no handyman skills and didn’t even enjoy hands on type work at that point in my life. It wasn’t exactly my passion or even something I cared about. While I was a good employee in the general sense, I didn’t go out of my way to work hard or be successful at my job.

Perhaps, you are in the same situation. If you want to increase your work ethic in general, then it’s best to find a career or hobby where you have some passion. That way, long hours and hard work will actually be pleasurable.

In my business, I put countless hours every week into these projects, including writing speaking and consultation, but it barely seems like work. If you can find your passion and pursue it, then you’ll have no trouble working hard either.

Re-frame Work

Re-framing means taking a different mentality about something. For example, getting locked out of your house at night is annoying. However, being outside at night watching the stars can be fun. Re-framing getting locked out as a chance to watch the stars can totally transform a negative experience into a positive one.

While I was at K-Mart, I tried to positively re-frame my work. Instead of focusing on the DIY aspect of the job, I instead made it about interacting with the customers. I was great with people, so that is the part of the job I concentrated on.

I enjoyed going in to work from that point forward and gave my all, not because it was a menial job involving tools, but because I could meet new people, charm them, and make them laugh, all activities I could do successfully.

If you are doing a job you don’t like or find difficult, then look for a way to reframe it to be more positive. Tie it into your passion and you may actually enjoy it (and improve your work ethic in the process)! Popularity is my passion and I made working at K-Mart that summer about being popular.

Learn to Work Smart

A lot of people hate work because of how they’ve done it in the past. They’ve spent hours in frustration where nothing works correctly. So, they drop out of working or find creative ways of avoiding it.

I had this experience once when I had a small tornado rip through my yard. I was cutting the downed limbs with a handsaw. And, it sucked! When I got a hold of a chainsaw, the job because much easier. I could’ve cut limbs all day with the right tools. But, with the right tools it didn’t take all day.

Find creative ways to streamline your work. Increasing your productivity not only makes your work easier and makes you look better with the boss, but it also boosts your confidence and overall work ethic.

Get Some Help

One reason, I think, I’ve always been able to work hard for my businesses is because I’ve always shared them with partners, including my brother. The burden of success didn’t just fall on me. Others shared in the passion, the glory, and, most importantly of all, the hard work.

A lot of people work very hard at something for awhile, then they burn out quickly. They have no one to share the load, bounce ideas off of, or just simply to make work a little more social and fun. If you’re having trouble getting excited about work, then do it with a friend or someone you at least like. You’d be surprised how much difference it will make.

Increase Work Ethic

So, while my Grandpa Bennett may have been right about the value of hard work, I think he was wrong about his view that lazy people can’t change. If you really want to change, combine that drive with these tips to increase and help your work ethic, and you should make laziness a thing of the past. And find the ability to work hard in your future.

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