Four Tips To Look Your Best: Face Edition

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While other factors, such as a dominant personality, are more important to determine a guy’s popularity, looks matter. Numerous studies show that better looking people are simply more successful.

Even if you’re not naturally good looking, you can still look your best. Today, we’re going to give four tips to look your best: face edition.

Moisturize It

It may sound girly, and you probably shouldn’t talk about it too much around the ladies, but you should always keep your face properly hydrated. This is especially true if you’re in your 30s.

While facial lines may give you character, you don’t want to have so much character your face is impersonating the canals of Mars. Try to find a cream with Vitamin C for extra help in undoing the damage related to tip number two (and other environmental stressors).

Use Sunscreen

You’ve seen those girls at the clubs who’ve tanned too much for too long. They look all leathery and gross. Well, if you’re in the sun a lot, that could be you (except the male version). Make sure to always use sunscreen on your face when you’re outside in the sun for long periods.

If you’re worried about not making Vitamin D, then give yourself fifteen minutes of sun time, and then use sunscreen. Or take Vitamin D supplements. It may not seem manly, but then again, when your buddies look years older and you’re still hanging with the young ladies, you’ll be the winner.


It may sound strange, but you actually need to wash your face! Lots of gunk can build up over time and create zits and other problems on your face. These are never considered attractive and can be instant turn offs for women. How many successful men do you see with giant blemishes on their skin? Not many.

Skip The Facial Hair

This is a little different from the advice in one through four, but important. While there are times and places for hair on the face (like older men with beards), in most cases avoid it.

Beards may seem cool when you’re old enough to grow one, but most women don’t like them. Same goes for goatees and mustaches. It’s mostly other guys that find these cool and fascinating.

A little stubble is OK, but generally clean shaven is the way to go.  Even if your goal isn’t to impress the ladies, looking fresh faced and youthful is almost always a plus.

These tips should help you be the most attractive and look your best, at least to the extent that nature has blessed you.

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