Four Tips To Relieve Stress and Be Cool

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Yesterday, we discussed why being cool is so important for success and popularity. Today, we’re actually going to address strategies to be cool. Most of these are actually coping skills that will allow you to calmly and coolly deal with any stressful situations you encounter. They will help you at work, school, with your family, in your social life, and in many other ways.

Tip One: Keep Perspective

Lots of people who stress out easily tend to blow things out of proportion. They turn little problems into big ones. For example, the coffeemaker at work is empty. Is it annoying when your co-worker leaves a couple of drops to avoid making more? Sure. Is it, in the grand scheme of things that big of a deal? No way.

In many cases, the stink we make isn’t even as bad as the original problem! Once I was mad about a restaurant forgetting my blue cheese side. I drove all around at ten at night looking for blue cheese! I look back and laugh at how silly that was. In the grand scheme of things, I was fortunate to have food, even without blue cheese dressing.

Tip Two: Rarely Does The Worst Happen

This is closely related to the advice on perspective. Sometimes when we experience stress, the worst case scenarios rush through our heads. So, something somewhat stressful gets us hyped up, then our brains turn it into something horribly stressful by imagining the “what if” scenarios.

When encountering stress, it’s always helpful to remember that rarely does the worst happen. In most cases, things actually turn out better than we expected. Think about all the “worst case” situations that have gone through your head. How many actually happened? I’m guessing not many. And, this is almost always the case for everyone.

Tip Three: Take a Deep Breath

My little daughter sometimes gets entranced (literally) by the television. When that happens too often, I’ll turn the channel. It “wakes her up,” so to speak. When you get stressed your body is releasing all sorts of annoying chemicals and your mental frame is moving in the wrong direction. You have to snap yourself out it, “change the channel” to a less stressful one, to borrow from my example.

You can do this by taking a deep breath. It slows down your breathing and your heart rate and removes you from the stress, even if temporarily. If one breath doesn’t work, take two, three, or as many as necessary to calm yourself down. Then, you can deal with the situation coolly and not irrationally.

Tip Four: Laugh

When you’re watching a funny movie or playing with a child are you stressed out? Probably not. If you’re stressed out and on the verge of a melt down, then find a way to laugh. Do this even if it seems fake or escapist. Watch a funny video, read some jokes, call up someone funny. Laughter is a great stress reliever. It also can distract you from a bad situation quickly.

Hopefully, these tips will help you be cool in the face of stress. I guarantee if you can become more cool and relaxed, more people will want to be around you. And, that’s the first step towards popularity!

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