Four Ways To Get A Date On Black Friday

shoppers on black fridayYou’re a guy and chances are you hate Black Friday. I agree. However, while you see aggravation and annoyance, I see opportunity. Here’s why: Black Friday is one of those days of the year when tons of people are out shopping, most of them women. With tons of women in one place comes an opportunity for dates and relationships. Below are four ways to meet a woman and get a date on Black Friday.

Offer Comic Relief

Some people going out on Black Friday are a little stressed. Look at all the fights that make the news. As the only person who goes out on Black Friday not to shop, I can tell you there are many spats that don’t make the news. People are stressed and tense. Throw around jokes, make light of situations, and generally be comic relief to the people out and about. It may take a little longer to win them over, but in most cases, you’ll be able to do it.

One way I like to be funny on Black Friday is to pretend that I work at a store. I’ll say something like, “someone will be with you shortly.” When they say, “OK,” I’ll add: “I don’t work here, but I’m sure someone will at least in the next hour.” I’ve never yet had anyone not at least crack a smile.

Approach Like Crazy

Just go up and talk to random people because that day they’ll be a lot of random people. Most of them will be women too. Unless your town is super small, you may never see them again. Just go up to them and make some funny observations. Keep them funny and light. If you’re anxious about approaching strangers, just remember you’ll likely never see them again. Except for festivals and concerts, you likely won’t see that many people in one place.

Build Rapport

As mentioned previously, Black Friday shopping for a lot of people is stressful. Even though it’s supposed to be fun, the competition for deals can put people on edge. So, you can win them over with humor, but it also never hurts to be sympathetic and build rapport with the people you approach. If they clearly look stressed, then it’s good to crack a few jokes. After that, if you really want to get to know her, try to build common bonds.

Make the Close

If you meet someone you like, then you may want to get her contact information so you can meet her later. Or, you can even meet up with her that day. If you invite her out, make sure it’s very casual. Maybe say “Since you’re tired from shopping, maybe we can continue this conversation over coffee later” or something similar. You can also be bolder and simply ask for her contact information like her number or Facebook username. Just make sure you’ve gotten her laughing and built some rapport first. Just randomly approaching stressed women and asking them for their number is setting yourself up for major failure. Although, even that could work.

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