Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t Wanting To Be Popular And Attractive Shallow?

It can be. But, humans are social animals. We like to be around other people. We like them to like us and even admire us. That is popularity and attraction: having lots of people who like you. If a lot of people like you, then you’re obviously doing something right. So, unless you’ve found a way to force others to like you, then it’s not shallow.

Why Do You Only Help Men?

Our tips sometimes apply equally to men and women and our book has females as a secondary audience. However, popularity in men is not the female experience. In fact, men and women have radically different methods of attracting the opposite sex.

But we partner with female organizations and some of our public speaking and consulting is focused on women (such as our “jerk talk”).

I’m Old. Can I Be Popular?

Yes. Popularity is possible from age 1 to 100 and even beyond. The settings for popularity may change, but a person can be the most popular guy in elementary school or the retirement home.

Also, with age comes wisdom and more focus (typically). Plus, recent studies show the brain can change, even at advanced age. And, older men can typically date younger women. In fact, lots of women love older men. So, you may not have known the tricks to be popular in high school,  but you can learn them now.

I’m Too (fat, bald, short, etc.) to Be Attractive, Right?

I can think of many men who are all those things and still popular, even celebrities. While those are not advantages, they don’t stop you from popularity. Men are popular because they are confident and powerful. Dominance has been show to be more important than looks. Be powerful and you’ll be popular.

Why Do You Think I Need Help?

A lot of guys read our site and get pissed. It’s because we are brutally honest. This especially happens with our articles on beta and omega males.

Do you need help with dating and your social life? That’s your call. But, I can tell you, most guys have trouble dating. And there are some men who are hopelessly pathetic at the dating game. But, a lot of guys are in denial. If you only have a couple dates a year and sit at home most weekends, then trust me, you need help. Unless, of course, you like being single and frustrated. We won’t stop you; it’s a free country. But…we can help you change that.

I’m Perpetually Single

OK, that’s not a question, but we hear it a lot. If you are constantly single, then you probably don’t have what women value. You need to become more confident, powerful, and high value. This website’s tips are geared to do just that. Maybe you don’t get around the right women either. We have advice for that too.

Who Are You And Why Can You Help Me?

There is no certification or degree for popularity studies. We are qualified to help you for a few reasons. First, we’ve done the popularity research (over three years now) in areas such as psychology, pick up artistry, brain science, biology, etc. We’ve also put them into practice, both with ourselves and friends and family, but also clients. The tips work.

Second, while we’re not huge international celebrities, we have achieved what you probably want for your life: lots of friends, confidence, charm, attractiveness with women, being the center of attention, etc. all on a local level and in every environment we enter.

Finally, we’ve helped others become more popular, confident, and generally more successful through our speaking and consulting in the Columbus, Ohio area. We work with local matchmakers and dating coaches to help their men become more confident and be better dates.