From Anger To Action

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Where I used to teach, my freer style contrasted pretty sharply with the hidebound (look it up), uptight mentality of the school leadership. So, they decided not to bring me back for my sixth year of teaching. In spite of massive student and parent protests they refused to change their minds. I had no control of the situation and was out of a job because of it. I was pissed.

It still makes me mad to think about it. You might have similar incidents in your lives that were unfair or unjust that made or make you mad. Maybe you are upset and angry about the state of your country or even the world. It’s easy to get mad and frustrated, especially when outside forces keep you from living your dreams (or even getting by).

However, anger doesn’t really accomplish a whole lot just by itself. In fact, angry people aren’t usually considered all that fun to be around. And, that’s in addition to the negative health benefits that being angry a lot can cause. Anger can be good if it’s a temporary release. But, staying angry creates more problems than positives.

Anger is only good if it leads to positive action and making change and then goes away. In my situation, my anger at being let go led to a total change in my attitude and outlook. I decided to get out of religious education and start nurturing different talents and interests. It also inspired me to become more assertive and confident and stop relying on people and institutions for my identity and happiness.

So, if things aren’t going the way you’d like and you’re angry, welcome to the human race. However, let that anger turn into action. Make it a motivator to do better personally or to make the world better. Many of the great people throughout history got angry about an issue then changed the world. However, the perpetually angry people whose only action was acting angry all the time? They’re usually judged as losers.

So turn your anger, disappointment, or anything else into action. Get motivated to change yourself and the world–in a positive way. You’ll be a lot more attractive for it.

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