Guys, You Don’t Deserve A Woman

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What if I told you that I deserved to be rich? Even though I don’t work hard, dropped out of college, have no good ideas, and haven’t bothered to read a book about anything for the last ten years, I still deserve to be rich.

What if I told you that I deserve to be a starter on the local intramural softball league? Even though I haven’t swung a bat in years, am fifty pounds overweight, and know no rules or strategy about the game, I still deserve to start.

Are you laughing yet? I know I am.

Now, what if I told you that I deserve a woman. I deserve dates. I get angry regularly because women date other men instead of me. Even though I have no sense of humor, no charm, and haven’t entered a gym in five years, I deserve a woman. Even though I have made no effort to learn what makes men attractive to women, and even though I have no desire to learn about it, I deserve a date.

Are you still laughing? Well, you should be.

Guys, you do not “deserve” a woman.

The problem is that in the United States we have been told that just by “being ourselves” we deserve every possible good thing. Just by existing, everyone deserves a good job, plenty of dates, and praise and admiration from everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Real life can be tough. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. Sadly, studies show some guys really are “forever alone,” because a relatively small number of guys are monopolizing the women in a given area.

Yes, that is right. A small number of guys get a lot of women. 

You may have even realized this already. Your charming buddy has five women seeking his attention, while you have none. The manager at work is texting four women at once, while you barely get anything, and if you do, it is just “as a friend.”

You might think this is depressing. It kind of is…unless you are one of those guys who gets a lot of women. What if you could learn the social skills that successful guys have?

And that is what we are about at The Popular Man. Why this small percentage of guys gets women isn’t a secret. Science explains why these guys are so successful, and truthfully, looks don’t even play much of a role. You can learn these secrets too. You don’t deserve a woman. You don’t deserve a date. However, getting women and dates is easy, if you learn how to do it.

Make today the day you decide to purposefully become attractive to women. We have a variety of books to help you, as well as consulting and classes. Today is the day!!

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