Happy Anniversary To Us

popmanlogosmallWhile technically we registered the domain earlier, our first blog post was September 14th of 2012. And, today is really September 16th. Ah, never mind. As we teach, being too uptight about details isn’t all that attractive.

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last year. We’ve offered nearly 250 blog posts ranging in topics from fashion advice to spiritual techniques (and have many more to come). We’ve released two books on popularity (with two more on the way). We’ve also partnered with Affinity Matchmaking to give talks, consulting, and classes in the Columbus, Ohio area. So far, they been a huge success.

But, above all, we’ve helped guys become more confident, popular, and successful in jobs and dating. What we offer truly is life transforming. We are grateful, over a year later, that we’ve grown significantly as a brand and business. We’re even more grateful that we’ve helped guys all over the world better themselves.

Join us in celebrating our anniversary. Raise a glass and wish us many more years of growth and success in helping guys become their best selves.

About Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is a writer, speaker, dating expert, and business owner. His articles have been viewed millions of times, and he has been featured in a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

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