Happy Halloween!

halloween night scene

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And, why shouldn’t it be? It’s a time of year that brings out the best in fun, popular people (and allows those who don’t have those traits to live it up).

The holiday involves dressing up, going to parties, eating candy, cool decorations, visiting fun places like haunted houses, and smiling children. Oh, and it’s a great time of year to meet women, many of them in sexy costumes. That’s probably why Halloween grates on so many uptight people.

Today, have a great time, be social, and bring out your creative side. All those benefits we talked about earlier? Make the most of them. It’s not everyday that society expects a guy to dress up, have a good time, and put a giant spider in his yard. In fact, you do all that any other day of the year and people will think you’re nuts.

Here at The Popular Man, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween! It only comes once a year. Live it up.

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