Happy New Year 2013

brown clockSay goodbye to 2012. No Mayan apocalypse and no more election. Oh, and whatever you didn’t like about the year,  you can (try to anyway) forget. Everyone starts 2013 with different levels of emotional baggage, but we all start the actual year fresh.

You have two main options for 2013. You can make it a good one, filled with excitement, fun, popularity, and confidence. Or, you can make it a lousy one, with loneliness, depression, and a negative outlook.

Sure, a lot of life is beyond our control. But, oh so much of it is within our abilities to change. However, we cede a lot of that power and control to other people, events, and even our own mental limitations.

But, 2013 doesn’t have to be that way. You get a fresh start. Take advantage of it. Visit our page regularly to make 2013 fun, confident, and popular. We have a book coming soon too. More on that later this week.

Happy New Year from The Popular Man.

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