Happy Thanksgiving From The Popular Man

A Thanksgiving TableWe’ve already discussed the benefits of gratitude and how gratitude can make you happy. This is because November is considered the month of gratitude. And, that is because, in the United States, November is when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

This Thanksgiving, after you’ve stuffed your face, hung out with family, and watched all the football games, I’d highly recommend you take a little time (or a lot) to reflect on those things in your life for which you’re grateful. If you’re having trouble with the exercise, then look around you.

Chances are, as an American, you have a lot to be thankful about that you simply take for granted. I’m thinking of clean water, more than enough to eat, safety, etc. Many people in the world lack these basic necessities. It may be helpful to write down anything you can come up with.

Then, go out and actually tell some people thank you. Start with family and friends. The vast majority of people in your life have probably never even heard it from your mouth! Not only will hearing it make them feel good, but saying it out loud will make you feel great too. Gratitude is good for you.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Be grateful, be popular, and pursue success!

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