Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

close up of red roseToday is Valentine’s Day. Although it’s more or less a made up holiday, lots of men and women feel pressure to find and have “the one” on this particular day.

Of course, part of that might be because advertisers want people to feel that way so they go out and buy romantic products, even for people who have no interest in them.

However, whether you have the love of your life this Valentine’s Day or there’s no one in sight, don’t panic. One day is pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. After all, if a lonely guy got himself a girlfriend on February 15th, I doubt he’d have any emotional loss about the day before.

Still, Valentine’s Day is, for most lonely people, an in your face reminder of their singleness and loneliness. But, most of these people, especially the men, don’t realize that getting into a relationship isn’t fate or luck. It’s skill.

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