Have A Great Friday…Every Day?

partial 2012 calendarHappy Friday from The Popular Man!

Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. I am not alone. On most Fridays, people allow themselves to be happy, funny, and relaxed, all because the weekend is coming.

It’s amazing how that works. Even though people would love to be happy, funny, and relaxed all the time, on Monday through Friday, it seems impossible.

Sure, with something to look forward to, people are more likely to be cool. However, a day doesn’t “make” you feel a certain way. Guess what? You make you feel a certain way. That good feeling you get on Friday…that’s your brain producing those feelings. So, is it possible, just maybe, that you could feel the same way every day of the week?

If you read this site regularly, you know we offer a lot of tips about how to be a better man. However, before you can be anything, you have to believe that this is in your control. Today, I want you to do something very simple. Just imagine the possibility of being your “Friday self” every other day of the week.

How would you achieve this? What would you think? How would you act?

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